The PS1 Forearm Pronation/Supination CPM Device

The leading portable forearm device.

The PS1 Forearm CPM is the very first portable CPM device for the forearm. In fact, its rechargeable battery operation and shoulder sling allow patients to be completely ambulatory during treatment. It moves the forearm through a controlled pronation/supination range of motion to prevent post-operative stiffness of the distal and proximal radial-ulnar joints, and the soft tissue connecting the radius and ulna.

With an adjustable range of motion from 0 to 90° of pronation-supination and a torque isolating feature, anatomically correct range of motion is ensured over the entire range to reduce loading or stressing of joints.

PS1 Features include:

Range of motion:

Rate of motion:


Immediate post-operative management after the following where indicated:

Required Accessories: